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Here at HEREMUSIC we understand excellence. It's almost embarrassing to say this, but we've lost track of exactly how many hits we've had.

Platinum records 20+
Gold records 30+
Top 10 singles 50+

Normally at about this point you'd see a list of equipment in our studio. We think this is passé. The key is our team.We have a great production team, excellent songwriters on staff, vocal coaching, and most important - innovative thinking here at HEREMUSIC.

We're not following the leaders, we're making the trends. It starts with an idea man. He's a rainmaker. Maki Kolehmainen is that guy. The one that breaks down walls and tries something different is leading the pack. This is how we succeed. In today's competitive and volatile music industry this is the new key to success. Actually, it's always been like this. It's what Motown did. If Motown were a startup now they would look a lot like, well, us! Here at HEREMUSIC we are searching out the best new talent. We can also revamp an older artist's career, much the same way Tarantino does this with great actors. Through our relationship with the major record labels, like Warner, Sony and Universal, we are able to take projects forward into success.

Here's an example. Maki used this principle recently to find and break the Finnish artist Robin. His "out of the box thinking" was able to turn a young singer into the latest thing. We had a great artist. We gave him great songs and top quality productions. It is why he sounded great! But it's not enough. This was followed by clever marketing and great timing with social media. Of course the viral video didn't hurt at all. BOOM!

Robin blew up! But that's not where it ended. The next step is to keep the energy going for a project. Our connections to major charity events allows our artists to be seen by millions. This was the next step for someone like Robin. The follow up after that is the next great record. It's easy!

We use everything at our disposal to make someone great. We work with great songwriters and artists from all over the world. We have contacts in all the major territories. We have the experience and the knowhow to get stuff done right. This gives us the quality that every project deserves. We also have both feet firmly planted in the digital streaming world. It's a huge thing, and is the direction everything is going. It's one of our new points of focus. It's all part of innovating. So once that project is ready to show the world, at HEREMUSIC we can really do that - show the world!

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